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Service Kulkas Di Bsd
huge list of types of household appliances refrigerator stands. It is difficult to imagine a family that does not use these devices in everyday life. Even the common bachelor apartment, not bothering to homemade food, it is widely used to store beverages, convenience foods, fruits and vegetables. If you will be buying a new refrigerator, read the basic rules of operation carefully, which will help to meet the requirements of storage products and extend the life of the refrigerator. 1. Avoid placing near the stove and oven Fridge occur in the kitchen, which is logical. However, one should avoid installing around equipment that generates heat - a stove, oven, grill panels. Although good insulation, used in modern refrigerator, they continue to absorb heat from the outside, which may cause damage to the compressor before normal service life. Even in a very small kitchen, try to spread the tape refrigerator and stove in different corners of the room. 2. Do not place hot food always follow a simple rule: no hot spot in the refrigerator. If you make soup or compote cook a hot meal, you need to let it cool at room temperature, and only then clean out the fridge. Note also that equipment with thick walls, especially pans, keep the heat for a long time, even if the food inside has cooled. Products heat in the room not only contribute to the development of harmful germs, which significantly reduces the allowable shelf life of food, but also creates an additional burden on the compressor, which should be avoided in order to extend the life of the refrigerator. It should be noted that this rule applies especially to house the domestic refrigerator, but not a professional, which is used for the rapid cooling of the semi-finished products in the food manufacturing and catering establishments are equipped with much more powerful compressor and heat resistance. 3. Store food properly Many people are familiar with the situation, when I get home from the supermarket, I want to put vegetables or fruit bought directly in bags or trays, packaged in plastic films. This approach is basically not true. Fruits and vegetables whole should be removed from the box and stored in a specially designed section of the refrigerator. For cleanliness is possible to lay the thick paper towel. In turn, food semi-finished and ready-made that is best kept in a glass container, covered with foil. Plastic containers can be used without closing the lid tightly. Do not forget that the packaging store, whether it's a tray or package is intended only for short-term storage. 4. Regularly defrost freezer modern freezer does not require liquefaction often as their peers who are older. However, this procedure must be done from time to time. At the first sign of ice accumulation in one part of the freezer, please refer to the manual for your model to accurately perform the necessary action. Regular defrosting will help extend the life of the refrigerator, in addition, audit the freezer is never excessive. 5. Close the door open door that led the list of causes of failure of any refrigerator brand and price segment, despite a warning signal in all modern models. Violation of isolation leads to a sharp change in temperature in the room: warm air into and cold - on the contrary, came out. Remember, the refrigerator door can only be opened and closed, you can not just open. Follow these rules, and after a while the muscle memory will come to help you never forget to close the refrigerator door. Following the above recommendations, you can use the fridge as efficiently as possible, with a minimum cost of electricity. Soulless, at first glance, the machine will respond to your back - your product will stay fresh for a long time and maintain their useful properties and taste.

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